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Stone Veneer Adhesive & Pointing Mortar

Enhanced quality, pre-mixed cladding mortar, produced to our specification.  It provides an ideal adhesive and pointing mortar for your stone veneer.  

Fully weather resistant.

£23.99 (£19.99+VAT)  25kg bag

Discount available for full pallet orders


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Cladding Mortar:

Our superior quality pre-mixed cladding mortar, produced to our specification, provides an ideal adhesive and pointing mortar for your cast brickslip or stone veneer project.  The product is manufactured using dried sand, lime, cement and additives.  It is suitable for internal and external applications and can also be used as a grout.  All constituent materials comply with the requirements of current British and European Standards, including EN 998-2:2003.

Product Application:

Prior to application over unpainted and unsealed concrete and masonry surfaces, all loose material, dirt, dust, grease and efflorescence must be removed.  Paint and sealers must also be removed.

Dampen the concrete, masonry or scratch coat substrate with a fine spray of water, but do not soak.

Brick slips:  Use a trowel to apply a 5mm grooved layer of cladding mortar on the substrate.

Stone Cladding:  Apply a thick base of cladding mortar on the back of the cladding product.

When installing large stone on a vertical surface, apply a thick ring of cladding mortar around the back of each stone, leaving a void in the centre to create a vacuum as you press the stone into place.  Start at the bottom of the wall and brace each stone as you go up.

Stone must be set within 20 minutes of applying the cladding mortar bed.  Press the cladding product firmly into the cladding mortar bed in a twisting motion.  Joints between the stone veneers should be approximately 12mm, joints between brickslips 10mm.


Each 25kg bag will cover between 2-3m of brickslips or 1m of stone veneer when also used as pointing.


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