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Where are your products from?
Unlike many other manufactured stone cladding companies we do not import stock, all our products are produced in our own purpose built factory in the UK.
What testing have you done on your products?
We believe in being the best and carry out daily quality checks and have had our product tested to BS4551 and ASTM C67 where we either matched or out performed other similar products available today.
How can Cathedral Cast Products be eco friendly?
All our products contain (in varying amounts) a product that would otherwise have gone to landfill. This product's primary use is for cryogenic insulation.
Are your products suitable for internal and external use?
Yes all of our products are suited for use inside and out.
How easy is it to use Cathedral Cast Products' cladding?
Anyone who has a basic knowledge of DIY will be able to use our products.

General Questions

Is manufactured stone cheaper than natural stone?
Yes, manufactured stone is approximately half the cost of natural stone. It's light weight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings.
Are Cathedral Cast Products’ natural stone?
No. All Cathedral Cast Product are manufactured stone that are cast in moulds to give the look, feel texture and colours of natural stone. Manufactured stone and brick slips are more resilient and stable than their natural counterparts.
How thick is Cathedral Cast Products' stone cladding?
Our cast stone cladding varies in thickness from 35-45 mm
How thick are Cathedral Cast Products' brick slips?
Cathedral Cast Products brick slips are between 15-18mm in thickness.

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