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How to find the right brick for your building when they are no longer made.

One one the easiest ways to get a brick that is no longer being produced

or has a long lead time from the supplier is to have it made in a brick slip.

We can replicate almost any brick that has been produced over the last

couple of centuries and that is why our brick matching service is

becoming more and more popular.

There are two options available:

Firstly, as we manufacture all of our products, we can colour any of our

styles of slips to your requirements.

Secondly, using the latest silicone moulding technology, we can take

impressions of your brick and reproduce them down to the tiniest detail.

In some cases we can even take the mould directly from the wall

without any damage to existing brickwork.

Give us a call, even if you only need a few metres!

The house in the photo is a project undertaken in Nov 2014.  We were asked to supply brick to match the sides of the house as the front part was covered in white plastic cladding (similar to the house next door). Not only did they achieve a great look but the house now has far more insulation added and with the thermal properties of our brickslips the homeowners have a warm brick house.